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Value, Meaning and Worth

Installation of works at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, they will be exhibited until Friday 23rd June 2023.

Artistic Research: Exploring Value, Meaning and Worth through Art Practice

These collections of images, books, objects and texts are an illustration of my artistic research. They constitute a response to the themes of sustainability in my practice, specifically related to land, food production, food security and access to land seen through the lens of protection of habitats and environmental justice.

The different elements are arranged following Fritjof Capra’s ideas of System Thinking, emphasising a shift from objects to relationships and from quantities to qualities, to map out artistic research in practice and the connections between knowledges, actions, behaviour and contexts.

The rationale for using System Thinking as theoretical framework is to allow the connections to ‘shimmer’. Shimmering is an Australian Aboriginal concept that encapsulates all aspects of what makes an ecosystem healthy. According to Deborah Bird Rose, it is “a process of encounter and transformation, not absorption, in which different ways of being and doing find interesting things to do together.” The works, objects, books, text and soil will be presented as an ‘ecosystem’ of research artistic practices


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