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After Effect

After Effect (2012) is a collaborative work by two scientists, Matilda Biba and Joao Linhares, and artist Marina Velez.
This work tries to explore visual perception and what happens when our eyes are exposed to intense darkness and intense light, with audience participation.

This work also hopes to achieve a blurring of the boundaries between art and science by conducting an experiment in a poetic and creative manner. The images resulting from the experiment will be presented to the participants.

We Astronomers by Rebecca Elson
We astronomers are nomads,
Merchants, circus people,
All the earth our tent.
We are industrious.
We breed enthusiasms,
Honour our responsibility to awe.

But the universe has moved a long way off.
Sometimes, I confess,
Starlight seems too sharp,

And like the moon
I bend my face to the ground,
To the small patch where each foot falls,


Before it falls,
And I forget to ask questions,
And only count things.

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