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Dr Marina Velez Vago is a multidisciplinary artist and researcher based in Cambridge, UK.

Marina’s research is informed by feminist theories and art practice enquiries, focusing on how art can create spaces to map out cartographies of experiences to cognise the self and the environment. She employs photography, video and working-with strategies, with which she makes visible values and traces of affect in a multi-species nature continuum, with special focus on environmental issues.


Marina lectures in Fine Art at undergraduate and postgraduate level at Norwich University of the Arts and ICE, University of Cambridge. 


She has co-edited books about art and sustainability, she is a member of the Swiss Artistic Research Network and the British Art Network. She is also the coordinator of communities of practices Circle 7 at the Nordic Summer University,  where she leads investigations of the experiential in art, artistic research, methodologies, processes and theories. 

Her doctoral research title is 'Exploring value, meaning and worth through five art projects in rural Spain'.

Dr Velez Vago is accepting doctoral candidates proposals. 


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PhD Thesis 


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