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Bombs & Biography

Biography points out the stages in the life of a specific person, the early contacts, environment,encounters and other events. This work suggests that we both construct our environment and areinfluenced by it, but it also lays bare the fact that when looked at as a whole, one person’s biography discloses a rich tapestry and shows the marks one makes in the world and on other people. The highly personal information, the anonymity of the work and some confusion about what happened when, create some tension and contradictions that feed into the universality of the topic: that we all have biographies.

In Bombs I used hand made mud balls containing soil, clay and seeds. Seed bombs were a brain child of the guerilla gardener movement that started in New York in the 1980s and were used by artists in America (Miller, Santa Barbara) in the 1990s. The little round balls are presented piled up on shelves in the gallery space, de-activated and inert, suggesting that the job is yet to be done.

Both Biography and Bomb complement each other and speak about the cognitive and experiential processes that are activated throughout one’s life span and highlight the attachment people have with their land, their culture and one another.

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