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Focusing on the idea of land as soil (food production, habitat, re-generation spaces, contaminated soil), as place (land rights, land access) and as verb (to land), this work explores the concepts of the three Earths, put forward by Bruno Latour; the complexities of sustainability in the island of Certosa, in the Venice Lagoon.

The work Landing touches upon the idea of the ‘old land’ as a mythical place which we cannot go back to, the ‘future earth’ as something fragile which may or may not survive for humanity to ‘have a safe landing’, and the current situation in which a critical reassignment of values must take place for humans not to destroy what sustains them. It does so by shifting the focus from being anthropocentric to the animal viewpoint.

This work was created as part of the art residency and conference Festival for the Earth, for which Marina was invited together with Italian photographer Giuseppe La Spada and American land artist Alan Sonfist.

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