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Artistic research in Oslo

This summer Circle 7 came together for the symposium ‘Experiencing Artistic Research Through the Senses'. During this symposium we investigated phenomenology (empirical research, direct experience) micro-phenomenology (experiences that trigger specific micro-gestures or micro-acts of attention) and reverse-phenomenology (how one experiences a landscape and how the landscape experiences one) as methods for reflecting on the experiential in artistic practice research.

We used the following research questions to guide our explorations:

  • How do knowledges emerge in artistic research practices through the experiential?

  • What kind of knowledges are they?

  • What methods and methodologies are employed in this work/paper/seminar/collaborative project?

  • How is experiential learning and learning-by-doing significant for art practices and artistic communities?

We had participants from all over the world and it was a very rich and empowering symposium, particularly as it took place at Rønningen Folkehøgskole, a school placed in beautiful surroundings in Oslo, Norway, which facilitated many outdoors presentations.


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