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Groundwork Dialogues

Dr Marina Velez Vago and Dr Veronica Sekules co-created a week long symposium, inviting artists, scientists, humanities and post-humanist theorists to a global discussion, both live and on-line, focusing on collaborative thinking about what sustainability means now.

Five days of talks, discussions and workshops with 40 invited guests, these include:

visual, performance and sound artists, writers, dancers, theorists, educators, environmentalists and musicians.

Themes that were explored:

  • Displacement (refugees, waste, coastal erosion, territory, human-non-human species, displaced values).

  • Reciprocity and exchange (cross-pollination, collaboration, communities of support, trust, equality of engagement, land sharing between communities and species, food security, equal rights).

  • Knowledges (other knowledges, indigenous knowledges, situated knowledges, inter-cultural knowledges, tacit knowledges, knowledges of time, know-how, embodied knowledges, empathy as knowledge, the experiential as knowledge).

  • Healing and repairing (re-wilding, caring, making kin, fixing, heritage and tradition, learning how to live together, ethics of working-with, social and political forgiveness and reparation, conflict and coexistence, consent).


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