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Groundwork Dialogues Symposium

Call for Papers

Organisers Dr Veronica Sekules and Dr Marina Velez Vago

Abstract Sustainability is a topic addressed in many fields and contexts. As the entanglements of globalised living together and the urgencies of climate change unfold, the topic needs continual re-definition and re-evaluation. The issues around sustainability have become so entangled and complex that they need to be approached collaboratively, working together, and thinking creatively to explore other ways of being in the world. This symposium will provide a space for dialogues around themes of sustainability, inviting people with different interests, specialisms and disciplines to contribute to the conversation and to to reach new depths of thinking, creating, and researching.

Themes The aim of this symposium is to trace issues related to sustainability and to explore them from a variety of disciplines and angles. The event is organised around themes clustered into four groups, which hope to create spaces for connections and dialogue to flourish.

Displacement (refugees, waste, coastal erosion, territory, human-non-human species, displaced values). Reciprocity and exchange (cross-pollination, collaboration, communities of support, trust, equality of engagement, land sharing between communities and species, food security, equal rights). Knowledges (other knowledges, indigenous knowledges, situated knowledges, inter-cultural knowledges, tacit knowledges, knowledges of time, know-how, embodied knowledges, empathy as knowledge, the experiential as knowledge). Healing and repairing (re-wilding, caring, making kin, fixing, heritage and tradition, learning how to live together, ethics of working-with, social and political forgiveness and reparation, conflict and coexistence, consent).

Structure of the Symposium This will be a four-day symposium, organised as a series of presentations, discussions and food sharing. There will be a mixture of invited speakers, people selected from our open call for papers and an active participant-audience which we hope will join in the discussion. Presenters will be grouped according to their discipline and the themes they address, to maximise cross-pollination and to stimulate dialogue. There will be plenty of time allowed for discussion.

Space The symposium will take place in Groundwork Gallery and online. Applicants who cannot present face to face can opt to present online.

Applications We welcome applications for paper presentation and/or workshops, performances and provocations. We also welcome applications to show work in the exhibition around the symposium. You do not need to present a paper if you are submitting an artwork. Please send your proposal in one PDF document no larger than 10MB. Please state clearly which theme you would like to address, include a short bio and an abstract of your proposal. Please send your application to Deadline for applications: 1st February 2022. Address: GroundWork Gallery, 17 Purfleet Street, King’s Lynn, PE30 1ER, Norfolk, UK.


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