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The Wall

This work hopes to investigate the emotional and historical attachment that people assign to constructions and buildings and how this value can be borrowed and symbolically used.

This piece consists of a series of interventions through which building material of highly charged collective value (The Berlin Wall) has been searched for, acquired and carefully inserted in existing holes in a wall of Aid & Abet's building. The trip to Berlin to acquire the valuable/commodified chunks of wall and the photographs that document the trip are part of the piece. This work suggests that it is what we project onto things that makes them valuable to us and by doing so taps into what will become collective memory once the present building of Aid & Abet is gone. Building material that was once used and demolished will be thus demolished again, reminding us of the inevitable cycle of construction and destruction that punctuates urban environments. Work shown as part of Aid & Abet group show Demolition.

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