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Creative Leadership Retreat

Join us for a 2-day Retreat fusing arts and leadership to foster creativity on the 11-12 September 2024.

Retreat Structure

Topic 1- Creation Ex-Nihilo. 

In this module, we will explore platforms for creativity and we will contrast those with the idea of creating something out of nothing. We will look at historical examples of creativity and innovation in both Art and Natural Sciences and we will scrutinise these through the research question ‘Is it possible to create something from nothing?’

Topic 2- Obstacles, limitations and paradigm shift.

In this module we will look at the use of disruption to generate creative thinking, through analysing the links between obstacles, inventions and artistic creations. We will look at ‘disobedient objects’ created by artists and we will explore artists’ strategies for creativity.  We will consider how we can harvest these ideas to apply to the workplace and bring something to fruition. 

Through creative hands-on exercises, we will explore how to apply creativity to your everyday life and your professional development. 


Topic 3- The myth of the lone genius: the future is collective 

In this module we will look at how the myth of the lone genius was created, and we will analyse the pros and cons of this creative model. We will contrast ideas of the lone genius with collaboration as a way of advancing knowledge through collective creativity. Through the reading of specific texts about System Thinking and Reciprocal Capture, we will explore creative ways of engaging with ideas about co-creation, cooperation and collaboration. These may include collaborations between human and more-than-human entities (Biomimicry, Ecosystems) or collaboration as decolonising thinking (Inclusivity, Intersectionality, non-Western Knowledges). 


Topic 4- In-scape and Land-scape: imagining inner and outer landscapes

In this module we will look at the role that imagination can play to connect us to inner and outer landscapes though the senses. Taking as a starting point that understanding the self is a condition for understanding the environment, we will look at different cognition processes that can bring these knowledges in harmony and balance where levels of synchronicity and hidden orders of the world can be found. These processes are inspired by artists such as Shelley Sacks and her theories and methodologies of Earth Forum. 


Topic 5 – Embracing Paradox and Absurdity to confront Complexity

In this module we will look at how to deal with our ongoing planetary and local crises through the lens of paradox and absurdity. By accepting paradox and absurdity, leaders are postured more healthily and mindfully to manage and accept uncertainty and actions in systems that emerge seemingly without reason or logic. Accepting paradox and absurdity in systems allows us to reflect, adapt and influence more readily with a more open and mature state of consciousness and preparedness. Art examples will be explored with their messages discussed.


Topic 6- Staying with the trouble, bringing ideas together, making connections.

In this final module of the retreat, we will reflect on the past modules, will take stock engaging situational knowledges, and will map out imagined alternative futures. We will elaborate ideas of Leading in a Hyperconnected World and Leading in Complexity by creating an innovative project that will tackle issues related to the complexities of the Anthropocene, responding to one or more of the 17 goals for sustainable development identified by the United Nations ( 

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