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Stockholm University of the Arts Symposium

Inspired by the idea of healthy ecosystems, as systems in which a multiplicity of beings and different ways of doing find interesting things to do together, we invite participants to join us in the upcoming winter symposium in Stockholm, to explore these ideas through artistic research. In this symposium we want to emphasise working-with as a methodology, echoing what would occur in a sustainable and robust ecosystem; because we believe that balanced collaborations produce a satisfactory sense of shimmering, vitality, and mutual empowering for all involved.

We welcome submissions of papers that respond to the themes of the symposium. These can be approached as explorations on ideas of guest and host, generosity, exchange and reciprocity, languages, multicultural relationships, listening and encounter and transformation. These are just guidelines, and we are very interested also in other ways of interpreting and exploring the themes.

We will be addressing these themes through the research questions of the present iteration of Circle 7. The research questions must be considered when you submit the paper. We will then explore them together and try to answer them during the symposium. These are:

  • How do knowledges emerge in artistic research practices through the experiential?

  • What kind of knowledges are they?

  • What methods and methodologies are employed in this work/paper/seminar/collaborative project?

  • How is experiential learning and learning-by-doing significant for art practices and artistic communities?


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